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Our Ministries

Women's Ministry

Our Women's Ministry is a community of women who support and encourage each other in their faith journey. We offer Bible studies, prayer groups, and fellowship events where women can connect with each other and grow in their relationship with God.

Contact Mary Johnson  |  Tel: 123-456-7890

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry is a place where young people can come together to learn about God and have fun. We offer youth groups, retreats, and mission trips that help our young people grow in their faith and develop their leadership skills.

Contact John Smith  |  Tel: 123-456-7890

Outreach Ministry

Our Outreach Ministry is a way for us to show God's love in action to our community. We partner with local organizations to serve those in need, and we also have our own outreach programs, such as food drives and community events.

Contact Mark Davis  |  Tel: 123-456-7890

Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry is a vital part of our worship services. We have a choir, band, and praise team that lead us in worship each week. We also offer opportunities for people to use their musical gifts to serve God and others.

Contact Sarah Thompson  |  Tel: 123-456-7890

Senior Ministry

Our Senior Ministry is a way for us to honor and care for the older members of our church family. We offer fellowship events, home visits, and other activities that help our seniors stay connected and engaged with the church.

Contact Rachel Lee  |  Tel: 123-456-7890

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